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Fixtures update as of Tuesday 7th July 2020

07 July 2020

Most games pre 11th July were cancelled though several are postponed in the hope of being rearrangead. These are:

  • Wellington College from 23rd April to tbc
  • The Rifles from 24th May to tbc
  • Tonbridge School new fixture date tbc

All other fixtures post 11th July (bar four games which have been cancelled) are happening. The four cancelled games are:

  • Charterhouse Friars 19th July
  • Leicester Gents 20th July
  • Ols Hurst Johnians 2nd August
  • Nepal 24th August

Other fixture details to note:

  • the MM for the Philanderers game on 19th July at the Perse School is now Ed Hyde
  • the MM for the National Asian Council game on 29th July is now Mark 'Rocky' Rochester
  • United Hospitals is a new fixture on 9th September at Highgate, Match Manager Tom Shaw